July 29, 2007

Is UT winning in recruiting?

One of the problems with trying to grade recruiting classes each year is that you can't often judge a book by its cover. Looking at a commitment list and simply adding up the number of four- and five-star recruits doesn't tell the entire story. The truth of the matter is that one single recruiting class can't save an entire program or completely replenish all of the needs created by yearly departures.

If a school has a need for a strong offensive line class and signs six five-star receivers, it doesn't change the fact that serious needs exist and a strong average star ranking doesn't mean that you've achieved all of your needs as a program.

When trying to evaluate how well the Texas Longhorns have recruited coming on the heels of a national championship season in 2005, Orangebloods.com will look at the talent compiled in both the 2007 and 2008 recruiting classes.

Has the Texas staff achieved everything that they've needed to achieve to remain a national title contender for the rest of the decade? It's time to find out.

In part one of a two-part series; we take a look at the offensive side of the ball.


Departures in 2006-07: None

2007 arrivals: Mansfield Summit's John Chiles and Gilmer's G.J. Kinne

2008 commitments: None

Overview: Has there been a position that the Longhorns have experienced more ups and downs with than this one? From 1999-2002, the Longhorns signed four players that were each regarded as their state's top quarterback prospect, with two (Chris Simms and Vince Young) ranking as the nation's top overall prospect. In the three years that followed, the Longhorns swung and missed on seemingly every top quarterback prospect that they targeted. Only a surprise hit with Colt McCoy after having lost out on Ryan Perrilloux on signing day has saved the team from some serious trouble. After signing a pair of quarterbacks in 2006 and 2007, the program has four players in the program and none are scheduled to depart until 2009. Therefore, the position should be in excellent hands if McCoy stays four years and players like Sherrod Harris, Chiles and Kinne can develop.

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