August 8, 2007

Has a leader emerged at QB?

Talking about the quarterbacks

Texas offensive coordinator Greg Davis talked with the media for the first time since the start of camp on Wednesday night and one of the hot topics was the play at the quarterback position, especially the battle that's being waged between redshirt freshman Sherrod Harris and true freshman John Chiles for the back-up spot.

According to Davis, McCoy has been everything they expected him to be, while the back-ups are still looking to create some separation.

"Colt has been really sharp and he has a really tremendous grasp of what we're asking him to do. The young quarterbacks are in a battle. Sherrod (Harris) and John Chiles are both doing things. We're looking for more consistency with those guys," Davis said.

Davis sets parameters for Chiles

One of the fun off-season topics for Texas fans has been inventing schemes and plays for Chiles, who many believe has the potential to add a little juice to the offense in the same manner that Percy Harvin was able to do for Florida in 2006.

While it might be fun to speculate in theory, Davis added that pushing the envelope with Chiles is not something that he's looking to do at this stage of his development.

"Right now it has to be one or the other," Davis explained when asked if Chiles might alternate from quarterback to receiver during camp. "As he gets a base, then you can start expanding that base, but right now to ask him to be one day here and then one day there, then I think we'd get as my daddy would say, 'half of nothing'. Right now it's full bore at quarterback and at some point when we feel like he has a really sound base, if he's not figuring in (at quarterback), then we would look for something else."

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