August 10, 2007

Who will be UT's next great leader?

"It is essential to understand that battles are primarily won in the hearts of men. Men respond to leadership in a most remarkable way and once you have won his heart, he will follow you anywhere." - Vince Lombardi

What kind of men do other men follow? What kind of warrior leads other men to victory? Vince Young fancied the word "gangsta." It was his definition, and maybe his alone. I know what he meant even if many in America didn't. Vince Young might be the most dynamic leader to ever roam the halls at The University of Texas. I have had a few friends that don't live in the state of Texas say Vince Young was Texas' biggest hero and biggest problem on exit. I had a friend of mine who is a college coach say to me, "Vince Young is the guy that everybody wants because he can get you over the top but if leaders are not in place when he leaves, there is a gaping hole much larger than before he got there."

A General Patton like leader in Vince Young leads the team to a National championship in 2005 and then (rightfully) takes his game to the NFL. His words, his deeds and his performance cast a huge shadow while at Texas.

Players are getting in trouble at a rate never before experienced in a Mack Brown team.

Players acknowledge at Big 12 media days that there was a disconnect between the older guys and the younger guys in the year following the national championship.

The players form a leadership council to help the guys get to know each other.

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