August 18, 2007

Tigers look to Temple to lead

Lorenzo Williams wasn't happy. And it didn't even have much to do with the 51-17 thumping the Tiger defense took from the offense in Saturday's scrimmage. Before the tape recorders even came on, Williams let reporters know just why he was displeased.

"Tony stiff-armed me," Williams complained. "I can't believe I let that go down, man."

Tony would be Tony Temple, the Tigers' starting tailback who gives up nearly 100 pounds to Williams, a defensive tackle. The run in question was a handoff to the left side. As Williams broke through the line, he had a free shot at Temple. Temple extended his right arm, put Williams on the ground and burst around the end into the end zone for an 10-yard touchdown. It was one of many plays that made Temple the unquestioned standout in the fall's second scrimmage.

Temple's moments on Saturday consisted of just about every time the number one offense was on the field. Temple broke off a number of impressive runs and rarely went down at first contact. For the scrimmage, he totaled eight carries for 43 yards and the touchdown.

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