August 19, 2007

Davis impressed with the offense

Senior defensive end Bruce Davis is one of the leaders of a very talented and experienced group. He went away very pleased with how the scrimmage went on both sides of the ball. Davis has seen the offenses growth since the spring and thinks that with the offenses improved play will only help the defense become better.

The very affable Davis spent some time with the media after the scrimmage.

Davis: "It was good to see them come out here and run the ball, but I'm also impressed with how we responded once they started running the ball on us.

It is hard to gage the offense because they don't show too much, but much has the offense improved since the spring?

Davis: "I think the offense has improved 100 percent, especially Ben Olson. He is way more comfortable. He makes a lot of plays. He's going through his reads very well, but if he has to he will get out of the pocket and run.

"You know, he's a big athletic kid so I'm impressed with how he has come along and our offensive line has done very well this camp. They have improved a lot and our running backs are going to do what they do.

"Chris Markey and Kahlil Bell are going to get their yards here and there as well as our wide receivers and tight ends. We have a very good skill positions and now that our offensive line is improving and Ben is comfortable, I think the sky is the limit for us.

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