August 22, 2007

Super Fan gets the call

Super Fan lives!!!!

Jeff Jagodzinski Wednesday proclaimed 2006 Cinderella story Steve Aponavicius, now on scholarship, will be the kicker when the Eagles open the season a week from Saturday against Wake Forest, leaving the recruited Billy Bennett on his way to a redshirt rookie season.

"I think Steve's done a nice job," Jags said after Wednesday's situational, non-tackling, scrimmage work. "Johnny's (Ayers) done a nice job punting the ball. So I'll probably go with those two guys."

Asked about the redshirt, the rookie coach said, "That's not a definite. If you were to get a guy hurt, what would you do? No, I can't say that for sure."

But the plan is for Aponavicius to handle the placements - and the kickoffs, which this season become tougher because they come from the 30 yard line.

Bennett would get a year to mature. "That would be good," Jags said. "You get him another year in your program - rather than four you get five."

Jagodzinski said the offensive line we saw in the final full scrimmage last Sunday would be the unit that will open the season, meaning freshman Anthony Castonzo and tackle-to-guard Clif Ramsey will start.

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