August 23, 2007

Confidence Man

Confidence. All quarterbacks have to have it to be successful.

But quarterbacks have to be more than just confident in themselves. They have to supply enough for the entire offense. They have to inspire trust in the 10 other guys in the huddle with them, as each of them must feel that if he does his job, the guy behind center will make the play.

It's a lot to heap on one man's shoulders, but that's the kind of confidence Northwestern's players have in their redshirt junior quarterback, C.J. Bacher.

Simply put, Bacher is their man. He earned their confidence last season, when he came on in Week 8 to rescue the Wildcats' struggling offense and salvage the remainder of what to that point had been a disastrous year.

And he's the main reason that the Cats are confident that in 2007, they can play with anyone on their schedule.

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