August 23, 2007

Takes one to know one: Schmitt likes Magro

MORGANTOWN-When Coach Rich Rodriguez names Mountaineers who love football, the first off his lips are Owen Schmitt and Marc Magro.

So, when Schmitt compliments Magro, the case is closed. Particularly, considering that fullback-tight end Schmitt, at 260, runs into Sam linebacker Magro, at 240, every day that the hitting is good. Both are about 6-foot-3.

It takes one to know one.

Both are "meatheads" (Schmitt), both have overcome multiple injuries and play with them, both are starting in their senior years.

"The hard work he has put in definitely shows up. He's gonna have a good year, a great year. He spends time in the film room along with me," said ESPN All-American Schmitt on Wednesday.

And when worlds collide?

"He challenges me, he always challenges me. I got mad at him (Wednesday) because he was holding me, I threw him on the ground. He's one of the guys I've loved to play against every time. He has a high motor and is a tough competitor. He brings a load. We're same size: Two meatheads colliding out in the open," said Schmitt.

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