August 28, 2007

20 Fearless Predictions: Nos. 11-15

In this week's Just Joshin' it has been decided to combine your traditional musings of mine along with my annual '20 fearless'. For our new members it's a scary look inside my mind mixed with a few opinions on just what might take place in the 2006 season. And what better time to offer such things than the Monday of Oklahoma's first game week of the season?

11. Auston English will emerge as one of the Big 12's biggest surprises.
Analysis: So little is known about the pass rushing defensive end other than what a dynamic athlete he was at the high school level but in years past some of Oklahoma's biggest success stories at defensive end have come from players who lacked much high school experience at the position. Top that with the fact that English was announced as one of Oklahoma's new starters as soon as almost anyone else and you start to see that Oklahoma has a wealth of confidence in English.

12. Oklahoma will narrowly escape Miami.
Analysis: I'm on the verge of picking a shock loss, but something tells me that Miami just won't be able to muster the offense they'll need to overcome Oklahoma. One thing that I don't doubt is that this will be one of the uglier games in major college football this season. Miami will be facing a very green quarterback with a defense that is among the nation's best. Oklahoma will send out a defense that has a chance to join them in such an elite category and facing two quarterback who aren't green, just lackluster in their performances to date with little reason to believe things will change. As with most ugly games, it'll be a close one that could go either way.

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