September 3, 2007

KU Football: Latest news and notes

Mangino opens cut

Several Kansas fans have already seen the little heart-to-heart Mark Mangino had with Raimond Pendleton after he scored on a 70-yard touchdown punt return. After scoring Pendleton dove into the end zone that resulted in a 15-yard penalty.

Mangino was waiting for Pendleton on the sidelines to let him know how he felt. A video showing the incident shows Mangino bleeding near his mouth. The Jayhawks head man said it was a cut he re-opened.

"I cut my chin on Thursday and when I took off my headsets it re-opened," Mangino said of his talk to Pendleton. "Raimond understands what we are trying to do here and he's a great kid."

Fourth down mentality

The Jayhawks were two-for-two on fourth down conversions against Central Michigan. The biggest one came during the first quarter. On third and one Brandon McAnderson was held to no gain and the Jayhawks decided to go for it at their own 41.

"It's a mentality we decided we are going to have," Mangino said. "We're not going to be stupid. It is a mentality I think we need to have."

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