September 10, 2007

The Big Cat Speaks - A Family Matter

Sometimes the game of football is an intricate matter and other times it is Robb Akey and Bill Doba. That is a synonym for "straightforward" in case a thesaurus is not immediately handy. Akey and Doba are friends and will always be friends and it just so happens they will be coaching against each other this Saturday as Akey's Vandals take on Doba's Cougars in the Battle of the Palouse football game that Wazzu has historically dominated. For Doba, it will mean only one thing with Akey on the opposite sideline.

"I'll be able to watch him jump a lot better than I could before," said Doba of Akey's signature leaping ability when things go well for his defensive charges.

Just as often as they have the home field advantage, the Cougars typically have the edge in talent in this game and possibly the largest concern that Doba will have is that Akey - only one year removed as his defensive coordinator in Pullman - will have a distinctly better idea of Cougar personnel and what they can do than Doba does of Idaho.

"He knows us a whole lot better than we know him," concedes Doba.

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