September 13, 2007

USC beat writer Scott Wolf breaks down the game

Each week, will get an in-depth opponent preview with either an opposing team's beat writer or play-by-play voice.

This week, we caught up with Scott Wolf of the LA Daily News to get his thoughts and perspective on this week's USC vs. Nebraska game. Find out what Wolf predicts to see on Saturday.

What's USC's mindset going into the game. Is it any different than past nonconference road trips they've made under Pete Carroll?

"I think the main thing with USC has always been is they don't change their mindset and they always keep their preparation the same and they never make a game bigger than other games. His philosophy has always been that in big games other teams play more poorly because they're trying too hard. The team that wins is the team that's just playing its normal game. He does everything he can not to make a big deal out of a marquee road game."

Where's this USC team rank to you right now compared to other Pete Carroll teams?

"They've played just one game, but I don't think they're as good as the Reggie Bush/Matt Leinart teams for sure. They're probably not as good as Carson Palmer's last team was at the end of the season. I think there are a lot of questions for this team right now. The expectations are high, obviously. They had some questions even after the Idaho game that need to be answered. I really think the jury is still out."

What areas do you think Nebraska has a chance to attack in this game both offensively and defensively?

"The big question is does Nebraska have the skils to put a dent in USC's defense. Last year they obviously didn't. Potentially, I think Marlon Lucky can run the ball. Last year they didn't seem to have a lot of luck doing it. To me, Sam Keller is the big key to the game. If he's on his game, I think he can do a lot of damage. He's either going to be on or off. If he's off, they have no chance of winning, but if he's on it could be a real close game."

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