September 17, 2007

Orange not dwelling in self pity

Even the most diehard Orange optimist would have to admit the football program has fallen on hard times. After all, the numbers don't lie.

The Orange have won only five of their last 26 games. In three games so far this season, they have been outscored 118-32.

A road trip to 18th ranked Louisville awaits this weekend.

After the Orange's opening loss to Washington, Greg Robinson stressed the team would work hard to improve.

The loss to Iowa was understandable, if not acceptable, given the disparity in talent. But after being crushed at home by Illinois, Robinson and the Orange have resorted to imploring the fans to keep the faith despite the poor performance so far on the field.

"We have no choice but to get our minds right tomorrow and get back at it," Robinson said after the devastating loss to a team the Orange beat by 10 points on the road last season.

"It comes down to the ability to block it out, toughen up, focus, and keep working."

Still, frustration and disappointment tinged Robinson's words rather than hope and resolve. It seems every time the Orange fix one problem, 10 more spring up in its place.

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