September 17, 2007

Brian Price meets the press

The media was able to get a few words with UCLA prize recruit Brian Price today at the press conference today. As always Price his cordial self and was on point with every question that was asked of him. The following is what transpired.

Price: "I'm glad to be back.

What kind of shape are you in?

Price: "I'm in good shape. I spent a lot of time over at Crenshaw and worked out with my Dad's team. I helped coach them a little bit. I did a lot of running and all that kind of stuff so I could come back and contribute.

When did you get the call?

Price: "Well actually I was sleeping this morning and my Dad called my sister and she came upstairs to my room and woke me up. I got on the phone and he was screaming happy and he was like get ready I'm on my way so I hurried up threw all my clothes in my bag and came my way up here.

Were you at first mad at your sister?

Price: "Yeah I was like what do want? She said Dad is on the phone so I was like alright and I went downstairs and got on the phone and he was yelling. I thought he was mad at me, but it was happy yell. I was relieved to hear that.

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