September 18, 2007

Orton: All business

During the off-season, Greg Orton studied film of Cincinnati Bengals star wide receiver Chad Johnson.

His hope was to absorb some of the fine points of the game that have made Johnson one of the NFL's top playmakers.

But while he hopes to emulate Johnson with his play, Orton couldn't have been observing a more opposite personality type than his flamboyant and rambunctious case study.

Orton doesn't dance when he catches a touchdown pass and doesn't dye his hair.

Really, he does very little to draw attention to himself.

Among Purdue's much-lauded receiver corps, he may be the easiest to overlook. He doesn't possess Dorien Bryant's video game-like speed and quickness or Dustin Keller's freaky ability to either A) plant a tackler into the ground, B) jump over him or C) simply run past him.

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