September 27, 2007

McCoy's new cast will increase his role

Gerald McCoy has been through more than anyone should have to go through in his first full year as a starter on the Oklahoma defense.

The death of his mother shocked the Sooner family before the start of the season. Just wanting to get back on the field to find some normality, Gerald then suffered another minor setback when he broke his hand against Miami.

He's been limited over the last two games, but McCoy is ready to get back on the field full-time this week at Colorado. Editor Carey Murdock caught up with Gerald to talk about returning back to full speed and what it means to follow in the footsteps of players he grew up admiring. I know it's had to be frustrating to be the type of player you'd like to be with the broken hand. Can you talk about how much you're limited because of the injury?
Gerald McCoy:
Well, it doesn't limit contact as much because you can just wrap something around it for contact. The way I broke it, I couldn't get in my stance. That's what the problem was.

We switch our hands and if I'm down on the right side I have my left hand down and if I'm over on the left side I have my right hand down. That's why last game against Tulsa I had a four-point stance.

But I couldn't even do that because of the cast they had on my hand. But that's what's limiting me.

The new cast I have (McCoy holds up the cast that he has taken off of his hand) it's cut off at the wrist. The last one went up my arm and I couldn't bend my wrist. This one is cut off at the wrist so now I can bend my wrist and I can put both hands down.

That's what holds me up. I just couldn't hold me up.

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