October 4, 2007

K-State expert breaks down game

What are some of the differences between this year's team compared to last?

The first season of any new program is one of transition. K-State went through those growing pains with a freshman quarterback and a defensive coordinator with an NFL background. Josh Freeman went through some highs and lows last season (his most notable low coming against Kansas) but has been much more steady this season.

Now that Raheem Morris has returned to the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, new d-coordinator Tim Tibesar has a strong background in stopping college offenses. This team is strong on special teams and defense, hallmarks of great K-State teams. The changes in the coaching staff after 2006 greatly enhanced the experience on the K-State sideline, and this team is enjoying great leadership from veteran players.

What are the keys for the offense against KU?

This season's offensive playbook is much more diverse. That's possible because of Freeman's growth in Ron Prince's system. K-State will need to be prepared to pass all over the field because KU d-coordinator Bill Young dictated what K-State could and could not do in 2006.

Incorporating Jordy Nelson in the offense early is a must, but also being able to go down field will loosen up a good KU defense. Running the ball to control the pace of the game and the clock is also necessary.

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