October 14, 2007

Staff to take scalpel to first 7 games

When he first graduated from Arkansas, Butch Davis thought he would be a biology teacher and high-school football coach.

This week he will put the biology skills to use as the coaching staff uses the open date to slice a cross-section of the Tar Heels' opening seven games. Davis wants to see how far the team has come and what needs to occur in the final five games for UNC (2-5) to stop coming close and win more.

"We're going to kind of approach this week in three phases," Davis said. "A significant amount it is going to be us looking at us from a coaching standpoint. We're going to dissect this entire football team. From a computer standpoint, all the down-and-distance tendencies, the personnel groupings and how we're calling games, that makes up a certain element of it.

"We want to realistically look at our football team and say, 'Here is where we are today. Here are the things we're doing well and not doing well. Are they things that are fixable now or should we just get rid of it, and just not try to do some of those things so that we can give our kids the best opportunity over these next five games to play the most efficiently that we can and have the most success that we can.'"

The second part of this additional week will be to get players healthy. From center Scott Lenahan to all three starting wide receivers and several kids on defense, the inevitable wear and tear on their bodies is taking a toll.

Some of this will entail giving the players extra time off later this week and focusing on treatment and whatever the training staff can do to help the guys heal as much as possible before practice for the Oct. 27 game at Wake Forest begins in earnest.

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