October 15, 2007

Brown helps secure Sooner win

After the Sooners 41-31 win over Missouri, Chris Brown sat outside the OU locker room swarmed under by cameras and microphones. The sophomore running back was a wanted man thanks to 67 yards on 13 carries and three touchdowns.

Brown delivered in the fourth quarter with 50 yards on the ground. He allowed the Sooners to essentially run out the clock after taking a commanding 41-24 lead on the Tigers.

After the cameras and microphones shut down, SoonerScoop.com Editor Carey Murdock stole a few minutes with this week's star running back, Chris Brown.

SoonerScoop.com: You guys get a lead in fourth quarter and you're able to go in and help move the ball and run out the clock. It had to be nice for you personally to go out and make such a big impact?
Chris Brown:
Yeah, just helping the team out any way I can and they called my number and I was just there to provide for the team. Luckily I created some big plays for the team. It makes you feel good just being a piece to this big puzzle at Oklahoma. All the guys around me, Allen, Demarco, Jacob, Mossis, everybody - we just push each other each week and you never know who's going to step in and do what.

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