October 15, 2007

Playing for now or the future?

Yes, I know that everyone that graduates from The University of Texas gets two degrees. They get whatever they majored in and they have a degree in football. Texas fans are also scared of injuries because everyone has seen how they affect a team when looking at the 2006 season. Throw all of that together and the Texas program is the perfect storm for Monday morning quarterbacks.

One of the subjects that has come up most often is the depth chart and the use of some of the younger players, in particularly the freshmen, in getting them ready to play in future campaigns.

I, like everyone else, expected to see a good dose of the younger players, including John Chiles at the quarterback position. I really wanted to see him play quarterback with the first team offense instead of just the "Storm Unit" that is made up entirely of younger players. My general thought behind that is that if Colt McCoy gets hurt, Chiles will have to play with the first team so he needs to be ready.

As I have moved away from the Iowa State game though and especially after meeting with the coaches and players today, I feel good about Colt and the first team getting the ball as much as they have.

Every team, especially the offensive side of the ball, is constantly looking for continuity and confidence in each other. While the offensive line could be building continuity with Chiles behind it, it is really important for a quarterback to have faith and have repetitions with his offensive line.

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