October 15, 2007

Prince sees OSU win as 'dominant'

Sitting and watching game film Saturday afternoon was a little bit unusual for Kansas State coach Ron Prince. After all, kickoff against Colorado was still some six hours away. With football highlights running across the TV screen in the background, Prince's day was about to become even more unusual when a commentator cut into the action with an important news bulletin.

"You would have thought there was a dramatic dip in the market," Prince recalled on Monday. "I thought there was a national story going on -- and there was."

Oklahoma State 45, Nebraska 14. It was the Huskers' worst loss in Lincoln in 49 years.

"The sheer one-sidedness of it all," Prince continued. "It was so dominant. It was pretty amazing. Sometimes you get hot and I understand that, but that wasn't streaky. It was more than that. It was pretty significant."

Prince's first thought was partially correct: There was a dramatic dip in the market. That is, if you were a Husker.

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