October 17, 2007

Cronan: Gosder lost focus

R.R. Marshall: Peter, with the Eagles ahead by a count of 20-0 early in the second half it appeared that BC fans were finally going to get their long-awaited blowout win over Notre Dame in South Bend. Instead they had to hang on for dear life and settle for a 27-14 victory over the Fighting Irish. Can you relate to those who felt just a little disappointed?

Peter Cronan: I'm sure the BC fans would have liked to have seen a one-sided game like they saw last week against Bowling Green with a lot of points and it did have the makings of that, but Notre Dame has a talented group of kids and you can't take that away from them. They are playing a lot of inexperienced freshmen and right now they are not playing well together, and I give BC a lot of credit for standing up against what were some pretty significant surges by Notre Dame to try and get back into the game. I thought BC fell victim to self-inflicted wounds on several occasions, not so much from turnovers but from penalties.

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