October 22, 2007

Big game Eagles

The biggest game BC football has ever played?

Certainly the most-important at the time.

It's a shame it takes place the same night the Red Sox play Game 2 of the World Series.

Asked Monday if anyone will be watching, JoLonn Dunbar said, "No. Isn't the World Series on Thursday? No.

"It's nice, though, that's OK. The Red Sox are winning, that's good, but I'm sure somebody will be switching back and forth." Dunbar is a Yankee fan, but one who roots for the Red Sox when the Yankees are out. "At least I can celebrate when the Red Sox win," he says.

Thursday night, the rest of the country will be watching and most people are expecting BC to lose this football game. The Vegas folks say Virginia Tech by three. Heck, the Las Vegas Poll, but out by the gamblers (who usually know what they're talking about) has BC at No. 9. These same people had South Florida at No. 11 BEFORE it lost to Rutgers, so it's clear they look at the team instead of the record.

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