October 31, 2007

Red-Blue game gives fans first look at Cats

Arizona Basketball fans received their first glimpse of the 2007-2008 Wildcats on Tuesday evening at the Red-Blue Scrimmage. Although the full squad did not participate, the Wildcats showed a bit of what to expect from this year's team.

Many questions were raised this off-season as multiple changes were made to the program. While many of these questions still remain, the Wildcats began to develop a team identity on Tuesday night.

Emphasis was placed on defense in the off-season and early practices, but in the first half of the scrimmage it was not evident. The blue squad shot 58 percent in the first half, while the red team hit 51 percent of its shots.

It could simply be viewed as both teams making shots, but the fact is that neither team was contesting jumpers. That changed once the teams came back from halftime as it appeared to be the emphasis in the locker room. As a result, the blue squad shot 33 percent in the second half and the red decreased to 38 percent.

On offense, both squads did a good job of moving without the ball as it seemed that the theme of the evening was using picks to get open.

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