November 8, 2007

GoPowercat Q&A: Bill Walker

He wore vintage 1991 Air Jordans to the Kansas State media day event a few weeks ago. On Wednesday night, Bill Walker left practice wearing a pair the latest Kobe Bryant collection -- shoes that bore plenty of purple, of course. The 6-foot-6 redshirt freshman told that when he plays, he becomes "somebody else." He looked a little like Vince Carter for a moment against Fort Hays State last weekend.

Bill, are you ready for a shocker? There's a new picture of you that's making the rounds on the Internet.
Aw man, which one?

The one of you skying over the Fort Hays State player the other night.
Yeah. Yeah, I remember that. I was just coming down on a fast break hoping Jake (Jacob Pullen) had seen me. He just threw me the ball and I attacked the rim. He tried to step up and take a charge, but I didn't see him. I just saw the rim.

That's probably because you almost jumped over him ala Vince Carter over the 7-foot-2 guy in the Olympics back in the day.
Shoot, only if I would have made it.

You know, people call you 'Vince-Carter-in-training.' SLAM magazine used that phrase to describe you in its cover story about seven months ago. Does that comparison humble you, flatter you? What do you think about that?
It lets me know I'm on my way to being something great, but at the same time 'in training' means I'm not there yet. I keep striving to be there every day. I'll be there some day.

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