November 8, 2007

Why BC will win out

4th Quarter Outlook: Why BC Wins Out

At the beginning of the season Coach Jags broke the schedule down into 4 quarters. The first 3 quarters have passed and the Eagles have escaped with only one loss. But the last quarter may prove to be the most difficult. The lineup: @ Maryland, @ Clemson, vs. Miami.

Will our young head coach be able to keep a team full of heart-broken 18-22 year olds who saw their National Championship hopes shattered on Saturday focused? Will Matt Ryan be able to rebound after a poor performance against Florida State? Can BC win in a hostile Death Valley environment? Will BC play all four quarters? The questions abound, but the answers are simple. "Yes. Yes. Yes. Yes" (respectively).

Might BC lose one of the remaining games? Of course. But this team has too much on the line to give up now. Their goal this season is to be the ACC Champions. It is well within reach. This team full of veterans will not let one little loss get in their way, you can be sure of that.

Here is a quick look at the 4th quarter of the schedule:

@ Maryland:

The Terps have been struggling to get any pressure on the quarterback, trailing the ACC in sacks with 15 on the season. Matt Ryan will have all the time he needs to find an open receiver. In addition, look for Andre Callender to have a field day against Maryland's abysmal run defense. The Terps have given up an average of 160 rushing yards per game and allowed 11 rushing touchdowns so far this season.

@ Clemson:

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