November 12, 2007

Jimbo Fisher reflects on Virginia Tech, looks ahead

On Monday afternoon, offensive coordinator Jimbo Fisher spoke to the media about the offensive performance against Virginia Tech on Saturday. He talked about the health of numerous players on the offense such as Drew Weatherford and Antone Smith, how key back-ups such as Christian Ponder played, and much more.

Q: Any news on Antone [Smith]?

Yeah, it sounds like it was typical bruising and he is sore. It sounds like he is going to be okay and everything should be good. We'll get him some treatment and get him some ice and he'll be fine it sounds like.

Q: He had his MRI?

I guess, as far as I understand. They said everything should be okay. As far as I know, that was the last report I got.

Q: How are you going to handle Drew [Weatherford] this week in practices?

I think he will be fine. It sounds like he was pretty clear. Randy [Oravetz] said today that he was pretty clear. He should be able to be full-go and ready to roll.

Q: Have you had other quarterbacks suffer concussions?

I have. Ankles, knees, shoulders, concussions. Sometimes I like to give them to them every now and then. I have.

Q: What kind of things do you have to watch out for after a guy suffers a concussion?

Well, I think sometimes as you are learning, and as I would do you would usually keep an eye on is the teaching and things that you would normally remember and if there is any absentee or signs of memory loss or anything like that. He came over and wanted to go back into the game the other day and I wasn't about to do that. He took a nice shot and that is too dangerous. No game is worth any young man's health or well-being especially with all the data they have out there today making us more aware. I guess that is maybe what is wrong with us old coaches, you guys are always wondering why we make all the bad calls and do dumb things, it is all the concussions we used to have that they never told us we had. They told us to go play again.

Q: Did the film tell you anything else about how Christian [Ponder] played?

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