November 13, 2007

Extra motivation working for Dawgs

Much has been written and said the last several weeks regarding the motivational ploys used by Georgia coach Mark Richt in the game with Florida and last week against Auburn.

Who will forget the Bulldogs charging the end zone to celebrate Knowshon Moreno's touchdown against the Gators?

It was definitely an unusual sight to see 70 percent of the Bulldog team rush the field, just like it was to see the entire squad pour onto the Sanford Stadium turf decked out in black jerseys for last week's game against Auburn.

Turns out though, the Bulldogs have been a little bit of extra motivation for some time now.

Richt joked last week that he's got assistants on his staff that are not above giving out a little pre-game fodder in order to give the Bulldogs an extra jolt.

For years, assistant have posted pictures and newspaper articles about the upcoming opponents, many with quotes or anecdotes either directly, or indirectly, that may be perceived as taking shots at the Bulldogs' manhood.

Junior defensive tackle Jeff Owens laughed that the information was flying leading up to Saturday's game against Auburn, which so happened to be the alma mater of defensive line coach Rodney Garner and offensive line coach Stacey Searels.

"With Auburn, if they win at Georgia, they try to chop off the hedges. And with Troy, half of their staff is from Auburn, so we were told that's what they were telling their players. 'If we beat Georgia, we're taking their hedges,'" Owens laughed. "We asked Coach Garner if he pulled off some hedges to put in his pocket. He said 'No comment.'

"All the propaganda we get is usually true. I don't think they give us any false information."

Anything for a motivational age:

Monday, center Fernando Velasco said that Searels was quick to remind the team of what happened when Georgia went to Kentucky last fall.

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