November 13, 2007

Forty Acres Report - Young OL growing up


The 2007 footballs season has been one of the most interesting in recent memory, with shocking upsets taking place seemingly every week. The Longhorns have turned in their fair share of nail-biters, and the team has battled back from two early-season losses and a slew of injuries to put itself into BCS contention.

It hasn't always been easy, but Mack Brown said this week he's incredibly proud of the way this team has played this season, particularly its ability to fight back when the chips are down and maintain a positive outlook.

"This has been a team that has been really resilient since a couple of losses early in the season. We're proud of them, we're proud of all the things we've overcome," Brown said.

"This program has been built on taking negatives and turning them into positives. Our Kansas State game was a negative, our loss to Oklahoma was a negative. The coaches have turned those into positives and the off-the-field issues have really made this team come together and I think made our program stronger than ever.

Early in the year, Texas struggled with close wins against some mediocre competition. Then, after starting Big 12 play with an 0-2 record, a lot of fans were wondering if Brown was still enjoying his job in the face of growing criticism. One month and five consecutive wins later, Brown answered the question about whether or not his job is still fun.

"Seeing your team come from not being very good to being good is a real positive. That's made me feel good as a coach and I want us to finish strong, finish well. The satisfaction of seeing where we've come this year, that's why you coach, to see those young guys competing and fighting," Brown said. "We're not as good as we were in 2005, obviously. Things haven't been easy for this team, but they're really fighting."

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