November 13, 2007

Q&A: Drew Weatherford

Starting quarterback Drew Weatherford met with the media for his weekly press conference. He talked about how the team played against Virginia Tech, the concussion that he suffered and the length of time it will keep him sidelined, the play of Christian Ponder at quarterback, and much more.

Q: How do you feel?

I feel pretty good. The next morning was kind of rough. I had a headache and was a little nauseated but as the day went on I was fine.

Q: Do you remember any more from the hit?

Not really, it is pretty much the same kind of bits and pieces that I have kind of put together just from talking to people and that sort of thing.

Q: Have you watched the hit on film?

No, I don't think I am going to. I am just going to get over that and move on.

Q: You don't have a headache or anything today?

No, I feel good. I feel really good.

Q: What have they told you about your prospects of playing on Saturday?

As far I understand I'm good to go unless I have problems during the week. As of right now obviously they are going to be cautious and make sure throughout the week of practice and maybe limit me in some areas early on but I feel really good. I feel like I am ready to get going.

Q: Do you wear a revolution helmet?

I don't.

Q: Will you be switching to one of those?

I hope not. I don't know, that is going to have to be something they are going to have to decide on. We will see.

Q: Have you tried to use them previously and just not liked them?

I have tried them on a couple of times. I am not a big fan of them. I am just comfortable with the one I have been wearing but if it is going to protect me better than I will suck it up and wear one.

Q: With what Jae Thaxton and Antone [Smith] went through with concussions this year, and the extra focus by the media on concussions, do the thoughts of the lasting effects of concussions cross your mind or worry you about down the road suffering another one of these?

You can't really worry about things like that. I am not too worried about it honestly. I had one my last game of my senior year of high school and I haven't had one since. I am going to be fine. I just have to learn to slide.

Q: Is that something that Coach Fisher brought up to you before the game about the need to protect yourself with the only back-ups being inexperienced redshirt freshmen but maybe your competitive nature got in the way?

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