November 16, 2007

Tate silences the haters

Earlier in the season, I expressed my doubts about the ability of safety Steve Tate and how wise it was to leave him in the starting lineup once Robert Johnson showed his natural talent. Tate's play this season, especially during the Utes six game winning streak should silence the doubters and place him in strong consideration for 1st team All-MWC honors. Since the critics of Tate have been rather vocal (myself included), I gave Tate the opportunity to respond to those who doubted. And yes, before I started the interview, I let Tate know that I was one of those critics.

UteZone: Well, there have been some outspoken critics who even wondered if you would make it to this point of the season as the starting safety.

Steve Tate: You know, a lot of people I think you could say are haters. A lot of people don't recognize the art of tackling, people overlook that. It blew my mind why people were saying that. I mean, my stats spoke for themselves. I still had people that didn't believe, but that has been the case my whole life. I've made the best of the situation.

UteZone: I'm not sure people were questioning the tackling, but your ability in coverage. You've played the pass much better, and it looks like you are moving around better than you ever have as a Ute. Why is that?

Steve Tate: I don't think it's any one thing, I don't think I got any slower last year. It's a different scheme. They moved me to strong safety and that has helped me out a little bit. It's funny, I don't get too involved in it but I do know what people have said in the past. I've believed in myself and I have enough confidence to overcome what people think.

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