November 19, 2007

Sunday Conversation: Bobby Bowden

On Sunday afternoon, Bobby Bowden sat down with the media to discuss Florida State's 24-16 victory over Maryland in their final home game of the season. Bowden talked about the play of Preston Parker at running back, the health status of his other running backs, the improvements he has seen from his team this season, and much more.

Q: Last night, you were asked a couple of times about Antone Smith versus Preston Parker and who you might start if Smith is healthy. Have you given it any more thought?

I'm not sure, really. I'll put that in Jimbo's hands. I haven't discussed him with it yet. I guess the first thing you've got to see is what is the availability of Smith? Now when Antone got hurt last week in that game, I didn't know what his status would be. On Monday, his legs were good.

It was his shoulder. It wasn't a separation and I don't think it was a dislocation, but it was a bruise, a bad bruise. So the thinking was that maybe he'll be ready by the game. Well, Tuesday, he felt good and said he'll be ready to go. So I assumed he would be ready, we just couldn't be sure.

Jamaal Edwards was in the same boat and Russell Ball was out. And so up until about Thursday, we begin to get the feeling from Antone that he might not be ready to go and the other kid might be worse. And so that's when we started working Parker and D'Vontrey Richardson and Seddrick Holloway and getting them reps back there. Now what do we do?

First thing, we need to see what the status of Antone and Jamaal is and then we've got to weigh whether we go ahead and stay with Parker anyway because he was so successful. Now you lose a receiver. He's probably been our most dangerous receiver inside. So, therefore, I don't know what Jimbo will decide to do about that. He'll tell me that (Monday) morning.

Q: On one of the quote sheets the school sent out last week, you referenced Emmitt Smith and how it wouldn't matter how beat up he is, he would be playing …

That was a little jab. And that is true. Emmitt, I don't know how he played. And sometimes kids can do that and some kids have a hard time with it.

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