December 6, 2007

Bryant will visit this weekend

With finals just around the corner for four-star linebacker J.R. Bryant, he knows life is going to get pretty hectic in the next week or so. Not only does the JUCO star have finals week approaching, he's also got four official visits scheduled in the next month.

"I'll be down at Texas Tech this weekend," he explained. "I'm flying out there Friday and I'll be there until Sunday I think. I think it's going to be a lot of fun. I have my birthday this week and so I don't want to not have a good time right after my birthday."

In town this week to solidify the visit were two Tech defensive coaches, a gesture that impressed Bryant.

"Coach Ruffin McNeill was down here yesterday," he said. "And Coach Dennis (Simmons) has also been by this week. They are real nice guys and I really enjoyed getting to hang out with them."

Among the things Bryant liked about his time with Simmons and McNeill was their emphasis on things outside of football.

"I like how they talked about other things besides football," said the 6-foot-3, 228-pound linebacker. "They talk about the important things, like graduation rates and making sure I can get the best education possible. That's what's most important to me, making sure I get my education and graduating."

It's apparent that Tech's coaching staff has struck a chord with Bryant, not only in terms of academics and football, but also with their low-key demeanor and emphasis on family.

"I also liked how they came in and were just themselves," he said. "They weren't trying to be anything special just because it was a visit, they were just doing their thing, and I liked that. They kept telling me about how it's a family down there and just going off of how relaxed those two are, I believe it. Now, I guess I won't fully know until I go visit, because all these coaches say a lot of nice stuff, but you never know until you see it for yourself, but I have a pretty good feeling about those two."

After he's done with finals, Bryant will depart on several trips to see if the things he's hearing from coaches are fact or fiction.

"After Tech I've got four officials left," he explained. "I'll be down to OU next weekend and then I've got Louisville and Oklahoma State in January. I'm trying to squeeze in South Florida at some point too."

With several visits on the horizon, Bryant says he'll likely wait until the last possible moment before making a decision.

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