December 20, 2007

Martin fields questions from area media

Coming off a 27-point win against Florida A&M earlier this week, Kansas State coach Frank Martin looked ahead to Saturday's contest at home against Winston-Salem State and answered a few key questions: Are the Wildcats practicing better this week than they did during finals week? Does Michael Beasley need to be more selfish during the Big 12 season? Check it out as Martin discussed an assortment of topics with reporters on Thursday.

You talked about how you should have gotten Chris Merriewether on the court earlier. Do you still feel that way and what is it about him, his intelligence and just how he picks things up that makes him different?
MARTIN: He's like the rest of them, now. He's young. You've got to understand, he's a sophomore walk-on and it's not like he had a ton of game experience last year. He's young. Chris makes a bunch of mistakes like the rest of them do. The thing Chris does is competes every day. Chris never takes a day off. When he competes at the maximum level that he possibly can as far as what his athleticism allows him to do. It's important. All the guys on the team understand that's the stuff I appreciate.

Is he still going to continue to start for you to get more minutes as you go along?
MARTIN: I'm going to play guys that help us win. If you ask me next week I'm going to give you the same answer. I'm going play guys that help us win. Whoever that guy is going into a game, that's whom I'm going to play.

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