January 10, 2008

Harmon sets the record straight

The A.J. Harmon saga appeared to come to an end last Saturday in San Antonio when he surprised many and switched his commitment from Clemson to Georgia. The buzz that is still out there is Harmon is not solid to UGA, he is still in talks with Clemson and he wanted to clear those things up quickly.

"There is no maybe about my commitment, there should not be any rumors about me and Clemson and there should not be people wondering about how solid I am because I am one hundred percent a Bulldog," said Harmon.

"I am visiting Georgia this weekend and that will be my only visit. I am not going to visit Clemson, I am totally committed to Georgia and I want to end all the other rumors now. I am done."

Harmon may come across as being harsh with those statements, but he wants the rumors to end and for everyone to know he is solid to Georgia. He is now a Bulldog, but he still has love for Clemson and he had nothing but praise for them.

"Clemson was great man. I liked a lot of things about Clemson and I would still love to be playing next to guys like DeQuan Bowers and other great players there, but I had to do what was best for me and my family."

"Georgia did nothing any better than Clemson, but we just made the decision that is was a better place for me. I love the coaches at Clemson, I love the atmosphere there, it was not about Georgia winning or Clemson losing and I was not persuaded by anyone to pick Georgia. It was just my parents and I making a tough decision."

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