February 26, 2008

Coach's Corner featuring Tavarres King

Who can tell you more about who you will be cheering for in the coming years better than the prospect's head coach? We put together a short question and answer segment asking the coaches questions about their former star recruits and future Georgia Bulldogs. The prospect featured in this edition of the Coach's Corner is four-star wide receiver Tavarres King out of Mt. Airy (Ga.).

Habersham Central Head Coach Gene Cathcart took the time to answer the following questions about King.

Tell us about Kings play this year

"Well, anything we have ever asked Tavarres to do, he has stepped up and gotten it done for us. The fact that he had such a monster season was no surprise to any of us here. A lot of folks had raised eyebrows about a guy catching 100 balls, but nobody would think twice about a running back getting 100 carries. We made the decision since Tavarres would be one of the best players our school would ever have to get him the ball and feed him the ball as if he was an I-Tailback. He just happens to play receiver and he made plays week after week."

"Every school would have a different plan for him that he and we would have to adjust to. He was hardly ever left in single coverage all year and if he was, then he would take advantage of that situation pretty quickly. To know each week that he is going to get the football and the team we were playing was planning to stop you from getting the football and to still have the kind of year he had speaks volumes on the kind of player Tavarres is.

font size="3">How has he improved while you have been coaching him?

Like all young kids and it will be the same when he steps up a level at Georgia, it takes them all some time to adjust to the details. In ninth grade, he was a good athlete and had a good year for us, in tenth grade, he improved and he got to what he does every year where he works on the craft of his game, the route running, blocking, coverage and things of that nature. He has really taken it upon himself. There are plenty of players out there with tremendous ability, but you get a special player when you combine that with character and then you combine that with that he is not just an athlete playing football, but he is a football player. He wanted to work at it, he worked at it for so long that is he has just become a total receiver."

Tell us about him off the field when football isn't involved.

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