March 11, 2008

Coach's Corner featuring A.J. Harmon

Who can tell you more about who you will be cheering for in the coming years better than the prospect's head coach? We put together a short question and answer segment asking the coaches questions about their former star recruits and future Georgia Bulldogs. The prospect featured in this edition of the Coach's Corner is four-star lineman A.J. Harmon out of Lousiville (Ga.).

Jefferson County Head Coach J.B. Arnold took the time to answer the following questions about Harmon.

Tell us about Harmon's play this year.

"I think A.J. had a lot of pressure on him his senior year just because of the expectations were so high, but he had another great year for us and he still performed very well. We were definitely satisfied with his play all year. He had a big bulls-eye on his back all year. Teams would switch personnel against him and teams schemed against him on both sides of the ball this past year."

How has he improved while you have been coaching him?

"I think the most impressive thing about A.J. is that he has just gotten so much bigger, but at the same time he has not lost his feet, he is still very agile for a guy his size, and I don't know if his improvement has been in one area at a certain position, but it is amazing with his growth and him not losing a step."

Tell us about him off the field when football isn't involved.

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