March 13, 2008

Turgeon getting superstitious in Kansas City

Twenty years ago, Texas A&M head coach Mark Turgeon was on the coaching staff at Kansas under Larry Brown. It was his first season on the staff after finishing his Jayhawk playing career the season before.

Kansas was in Kansas City for the Final Four and went back to Lawrence with a national championship in tow. Wednesday, Turgeon returned to Kansas City with his new club, Texas A&M, for the Big 12 tournament. Unbeknownst to Turgeon, the Aggies are following in the same footsteps as the Jayhawks did 20 years ago, sort of.

"I'm excited with just landing at the airport and the familiarity with the place. We're staying in the same hotel where we won the '88 championship. We're going to have a shoot-around tomorrow at the same place we had our shoot-around for the '88 championship. It was a lot of great memories driving by Kemper Arena. It feels good to me. It feels really good. I'm just excited for our team to play well and play relaxed. That's what's important and I think we've prepared ourselves to do that," Turgeon said.

"We're going to have a shoot-around at Rockhurst College. That's where we shot in '88. We knew a guy at Rockhurst, but we all get whacko this time of year as coaches with the routine and superstitions and all that, but I didn't choose the hotel. The Big 12 chose it for us. We know the head coach at Rockhurst, so that's why we're going to go there. Maybe it'll give us a little luck this weekend."

The Aggies have an opportunity Thursday to win their way into the NCAA tournament by taking care of Iowa State at 8:30 p.m. at the Sprint Center in Kansas City. Turgeon said that the Aggies are excited to be in Kansas City with that opportunity, and have put in a good week of preparation.

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