April 3, 2008

The Wounded Return

As a football fan, it can sometimes be easy to forget that each of the kids out on the field are, in fact, kids - and every bit as human as you or I. It is never more apparent than when, because of injuries or otherwise, that identity of a football player is taken from them.

The 2007 season was taken from both Travon Patterson and Kevin Thomas; in their time off they had a chance to reflect on what that freedom from football meant to them as people - and what a return to the field in 2008 means as a player.

"I've faced struggles with injuries," said Thomas, fresh off an impressive practice on Howard Jones Field. "You get the highs and lows, you're starting one day and the next you're out for four months. So you adapt and grow as a person.

"That's basically all I've been doing since I've got here, growing as a person. You get to know your body, know your mind, and become a more complete person.

"Ultimately, that's what I'll take away from USC."

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