April 16, 2008

Holloway to play for a higher purpose

Eniel Polynice told Murphy Holloway he couldn't have No. 14 when he gets to Ole Miss this summer.

"I asked him," Holloway said, laughing. "He said, 'No way."

It's just as well, really. Holloway plans to play for a purpose much higher and more significant than a jersey number. Holloway plans to wear No. 31 at Ole Miss, in honor of one of his older brother's best friends, Vic Sims.

Sims, a Dutch Fork High School star in Irmo, S.C., died in April 2003 of sudden cardiac arrest. He was 18, two weeks from graduation and months away from the start of his college career at South Carolina.

For further information about Vic Sims, see the following link: http://www.vicsimsfoundation.org/vicsims_003.htm

"I'm going to represent for me and Vic," Holloway said. "I'm going to do what he was going to do and what I'm going to do."

Sims' No. 31 was retired in December 2003. Multiple players have asked to wear it since, but they've been rebuffed.

"I'm going to play for him, for Irmo, for my family and for me," Holloway said.

On Wednesday night, Holloway had more immediate plans on his mind. The recruiting process finally over, the 6-foot-7 forward was off to Carolina Wings in Columbia, ready to celebrate his latest accomplishment and polish off some of the establishment's celebrated chicken.

He's likely going to tell his friends and family the same thing he said this morning when he rebuffed last-minute scholarship offers from South Carolina and Maryland and signed with Ole Miss.

"I have no doubts, man," Holloway said. "I was solid on Ole Miss. We're about to change the program, me and Terrico White and Terrence Henry. I'm ready to go. I feel like I'm already part of the team."

And so, in some ways, is Vic Sims.

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