April 24, 2008

Humpal ready for Draft Day

Regardless of when he gets draft or if he gets picked, this will be a memorable weekend for Mike Humpal. He knows he will be with an NFL team by sometime on Sunday, but the question remaining is when and where. The former Hawkeye linebacker plans to spend time at home and play the waiting game until the phone hopefully rings with good news.

Q: How anxious are you getting about the draft this weekend?

HUMPAL: I'm just waiting for it to get here, I guess. After that I'll figure out what the next step is. People always ask me what is going to go on and I just tell them I am just waiting. I have done pretty much everything that I can do, so all I can do is wait for the weekend.

Q: Have you gone to visit any teams in the past few weeks?

HUMPAL: No I haven't.

Q: Do you check out any of the projections of the draft on-line and get caught up in any of it?

HUMPAL: No, not at all. It just takes one team to pick you and those things could be written by some guy off the street could be putting that up on the internet.

Q: Has your agent been keeping you filled in with what might be going on with you and the NFL teams?

HUMPAL: Not really. He tells me that there are teams that are interested, but he doesn't get into specifics or anything because it could all change this weekend.

Q: What are you plans to pass the time this weekend? Are you watching the draft or going out to do something else?

HUMPAL: I will be at home. They have told me to be around the home phone so people can get in touch with me. I won't be doing anything crazy, that is for sure.

Q: Most NFL teams have a mini-camp of sorts right after the draft. With the down time that you have had since Pro Day, are you continuing your workouts?

HUMPAL: Yeah, I have been working out every day and keeping up with my conditioning to get ready to head into a camp.

Q: How do you keep from going a little crazy while you wait this weekend?

HUMPAL: (laugh) I really don't know right now. I have never been through this before, so it will be a learning experience and something that happens once in a lifetime. I just have to keep an open mind and take things as they come. Whatever happens will happen and it is out of my control, so I will leave it up to the teams to make their decision and go from there.

Q: What's the feeling going to be like when that phone does ring and you see your name flash up on the TV screen?

HUMPAL: I would hope that is the case, but nothing is for certain. Some people say that I am a late round selection, but I could be a free agent. You never know. I am not getting my hopes to high right now and I'll wait till after the fact.

Q: Are you going to be keeping track of where your teammates end up at this weekend?

HUMPAL: Yeah, for sure. I look forward to those guys landing somewhere and that will be good to see.

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