June 11, 2008

Brown striving for consistent performance

If there's one position on the football field enjoying a higher profile than ever it's left tackle.

It's the subject of a bestselling book. It's led to record contracts for players in the NFL.

With the added spotlight, players at left tackle have to answer certain demands. They have to be athletes, and ultimately, they have to protect back of the man taking the snaps.

Charles Brown knows what it takes to play left tackle. As a freshman, he was a back up at the position.

With the NFL poaching a few Trojan linemen in the draft, the Trojans have been forced to reshuffle, and Brown's landed a left tackle.

He said he's focused one simple thing, and he wants that to carry over to every thing he does.

"I just want one thing, consistency," he said. "And, I want it in everything I do."

The process began in the spring, where Brown and left guard Jeff Byers anchored an entire side of the offensive line.

"Everything on the left side is great," Brown said. "Jeff and I took every snap with the first group all spring. We got in a lot of work together."

The time together gave Brown and Byers time to get on the same page from a communication standpoint, with the pair working plenty together on and off the practice field.

"It's good because we got to work on all our calls," Brown said. "It's real big. We watch film together, and we hang out together. The better we work together, the better we'll do next time."

Whether it was Mark Sanchez, Mitch Mustain or Aaron Corp quarterbacking, Brown said he had the same job to do - protect.

"I still have to do the same thing back there," he said. "It's no different for me. The receivers and the running backs might have to adjust more."

But at the start of the spring, Brown and the line had to adjust to one of the quarterbacks.

"It started where we actually had to block different for Sanchez because he wasn't stepping back far enough in the pocket," Brown said. "Through the spring, though, he got a lot better.

"He would always back up and then roll to the right, and the end could get right around. Now, it's no thing."

And with the start of summer workouts, Brown is again looking for consistency on the field in drills, during the timed runs and in the weight room.

Consistency, though, has a price.

"Things are going really good. I am pretty tired though," Brown said. "The first couple of days were rough, but I'm doing better now. (The first day), I was real sore.

"It's just getting past that point where your muscles are sore. Once you get past that, it's not too bad."

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