July 22, 2008

Gregg, Pugh excited about secondary

KANSAS CITY - Just a few seasons ago, Texas A&M's pass defense was the most woeful in Division I-A college football. Changes to a 4-2-5 eased some tension, but not much as the Aggies continued to get pounded by the spread offenses that dominate the Big 12 conference landscape.

In 2008, however, the Aggies are looking at the defensive backfield as the strength of the new 4-3/3-3-5 hybrid employed by defensive coordinator Joe Kines. The reason is simple - experience. The Aggies have five players in the secondary with extension starting experience.

The difference is, however, that most are moving to different positions. Junior Jordan Peterson is moving to free safety from cornerback while senior Devin Gregg is moving to strong safety from free safety. Junior Jordan Pugh is moving from weak safety, which is no longer a position, back to cornerback where he played as a freshman.

"You're still in the secondary. Safety is a position where you see the whole field and you're a part of everything," Pugh said. "At corner you're locked into your guy, but I'm glad that I've played both positions because it helps me balance both of them. Because I've been in both positions I know what the safeties are doing and I've been at corner before, so I think it's just a great one-two punch."

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