August 5, 2008

Bruin Bits with Neuheisel

Well it was easy to see that Bruin head football coach Rick Neuheisel is fired up about the opening of training camp. "It's a thrill and I'm very excited," Neuheisel said as he met the media earlier today. "I think I share this excitement with our team." After seeing the team, it reminds one of the hopes and dreams that training camp bring to a team in any sport. This young Bruin team is no different, they have high hopes.

Neuheisel feels he has the players capable of doing great things this season. He feels he has a solid football that doesn't have a lot of experienced depth.

Still Neuheisel appears undaunted, aggressive schedule and all. The Bruins have six opponents who are ranked in the top 25 going into the season.

For this team to be successful they must play smart football. There isn't much room for error.

One of the reasons that Neuheisel is so excited about the forecast of this team is the coaching staff. All them are experienced and know what needs to be done. They will be good teachers and will coach this team up.

Neuheisel named Ben Olson the starter though he still not 100 percent because of his injured foot.

Kevin Craft was named No. 2. Craft's first day of spring practice was also his first day at school.

The Bruins also have a lot of young guys at the quarterback position so they will have to shake things out.

Much has been thought and said about the offensive line. They look a lot better now than they looked last spring. Weight and conditioning coach Michael Linn has done a nice job with the athletes over the summer.

The offensive line worked very hard as a unit, and they are beginning to shape up to how they are supposed to look.

Senior receiver Marcus Everett lost about 10 pounds and is a lean, mean, pass catching machine.

Neuheisel also named Dominique Johnson and Terrence Austin both look good to Neuheisel, who thinks both layers should have big years.

Waiting in the wings will be Gavin Ketchum, Taylor Embree and Ryan Graves. There are also three very talented frosh in Antwon Moutra, Jerry Johnson and [/db]Nelson Rosario[/db] who will also be in the mix.

Logan Paulsen cut his hair and no longer has that Tarzan thing going for him, he is a team leader and is a team captain. Neuheisel thinks that Logan will be able to catch 50 balls this season.

The Bruins welcome back Ryan Moya to the fold and he is beginning to grow into the position. Meaning Neuheisel loves his versatility and he will line up in many different spots.

Because of Nate Chandler's move offensive tackle there is a good chance that Cory Harkey will be contributor this year.

Adam Heater has switched to back to tight end after his spring experiment at offensive center.

Getting back to Chandler, Neuheisel thinks he has a great chance to play in the NFL one day.

Neuheisel was very pleased with Kahlil Bell and his work habits. He busted his tail to get ready for training camp and be in football shape. By all accounts, medically, he's ready. The Bruins hope that he will have the kind of season in 200 that he was having before he went down with his knee injury.

Raymond Carter is back and 100 percent after a knee injury. He has the homerun speed that the Bruins lacked last season. He is one of the fastest players on the team.

Neuheisel acknowledged that UCLA took a hit when Christian Ramirez lost his eligibility costing him a season. He still has a redshirt year so he still has two years left so it will only cost him time.

Neuheisel hopes that this will serve as a great lesson to the other guys on the team to take care of business on and off the field.

Behind Bell and Carter, the Bruin four very talented running backs in Derrick Coleman, Johnathan Franklin, Milton Knox and Aundre Dean. All four players were winners on the high school level.

Chane Moline, because of his versatility[/db], will be a lot like Moya, meaning they will be able to move him around a lot and line him up in different places.

Neuheisel praised fullback Trevor Theriot for being one of the big surprises. According to Neuheisel, he's going to be a very valuable part in Norm Chow's offense.

"I'm very eager to this team come together," Neuheisel said. "And so are they."

End part one, part two will be after practice.

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