August 14, 2008

Daily doubles grind on

The sun shined bright on the practice fields Wednesday morning as the Beavers geared up for another grueling day of doubles. Tired and a little sluggish during some parts, the coaching staff made sure the players were still hustling and working toward something big in 2008. While the practice was a little more laid back than others, there were still a lot of positives from both sides, especially on the defensive side of the ball. Here is what I saw from Wednesday's practice:

There weren't too many exciting moments coming from the quarterback group, as they worked on short passes most of the morning. Backup Justin Engstrom, who has seen a lot of time with Sean Canfield taking it easy right now and Brennan Sim out, had overall a pretty productive day. He was very accurate in his short passes and had some nice medium range throws, while starter Lyle Moevao was steady throughout the morning.

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