August 14, 2008

O-Line Getting Versatile, Thursday Night Notes

It would be too strong (and visually upsetting) to call the work going up front on Tennessee's offensive line a game of musical chairs involving very large young men, but there is a lot of movement going on. It's not that offensive line coach Greg Adkins has a lot of doubts about his veteran group. With the top six guys back from a year ago, things are fairly settled there. But Adkins has gone to great lengths since August started to make sure everyone in his unit has gotten a look at multiple positions.

On the surface that's a safe move in case of injury and the need to move someone to another spot on emergency basis. But the big pay-off Adkins has seen, and hopes to see more of, is the increased understanding of the 'big picture' the approach is giving his troops.

"We'd planned to look at a lot of different combinations in these first few weeks. For the most part they're playing in one particular spot, but we're jumping them around here and there from quick to strong or tackle to guard. I want to do it from a mental standpoint as much as anything to see which ones can handle that," Adkins said.

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