August 15, 2008

Porter ready for big senior season

Like thousands of high school football players across the state of Texas, Schertz Clemens linebacker Sean Porter is spending four brutal hours a day in the August heat preparing for his senior season.

As a result, it's important that players stay hydrated during practice and find ways to cool down afterwards in order to prevent heat-related injuries. Modern technology has provided even the smallest schools with the means to protect their players and Clemens is no exception, although you wouldn't know it from Porter's response to the question of how the school helps him deal with the heat.

"We really don't do anything special," said the Texas A&M commit. "We ice down after practice."

The term 'ice down' really understates the affect of what Porter and his teammates have to go through, because it's more like taking a swim in the North Atlantic in January.

"We have what we call an ice whirlpool," said the 6-foot-2, 205-pound defender. "We are supposed to sit in it for 10 minutes. It's mostly for people who run a lot. The water is 40 degrees. It's mostly for our legs. We're not supposed to put our body above our heart in the water."

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