August 16, 2008

Miracle Man, Kahlil Bell talks to BB.c

Senior running back Kahlil Bell is truly a medical marvel. It just last November that he injured his ACL and now less than a year later, he's seems to be 100 percent back. Maybe we all should have seen this coming the very moment he injured his knee against Washington State.

After injuring his knee, Bell went out there to test it and picked up seven yards. With that kind of mental toughness and determination, Bell attacked his rehabilitation and now he's ready for his senior season. was able to a few moments with the hearty Bruin senior tailback after a recent practice. How is training camp going for you?

Bell: "Pretty well, I didn't get a chance to do a lot of things in spring, but I think I picked up the offense pretty well and I'm still learning, as always, but feeling good, feeling confident and am praying for health. I'm just trying to stay healthy and get that injury bug off of me and just be healthy and help lead this team to where we are trying to go." Kahlil you have taken on a lot of the leadership role for this offense and have brought some swagger to the offense. Is that something the coaches have talked to you do or did you do take it upon yourself?

Bell: "I am a little more vocal than I have been than in the past years, just because coaches asked me to, number one and also I think our offense needs a little bit of swagger. Or D has pretty much the dominant force around here for a couple years now and we need that offensive swagger right now.

"It's okay doing it with your mouth from time to time, but I like to lead by the way I run the ball, trying to show people that's how we play." How do you think the offense is coming around?

Bell: "I think we are doing well. We've only had X amount of days to put in our offense counting spring and I think we are gelling well as a unit, but there is still a lot of work to be done and we have something like two weeks before Tennessee so there is always work to be done in any profession or craft that you are in so we just have to keep grinding. We just have to keep pushing, we got to keep learning and striving to be better and if we do that I think we will be alright." How do you think your offensive line is going to be?

Bell: "I'm not worried about my offensive line. I know there's a lot of question marks surrounding them, but I'm pretty confident when it is time to get it done, they are going to get it done. I mean anyone who has been watching practice has seen that there are times when they can be as good as they want to be and as good I know they can be, so I'm not worried. I know we have a lot of young guys, but we're gelling as a unit and like I sad that is why we come to camp, that's why we do double days is to get better, day in and day out." Kahlil what is the main difference from this offense installed by Norm Chow and the one you guys were running here the last few of years?

Bell: "I think confidence, one. We feel confidence in the plays that Coach Chow is calling. I mean, how do you second guess a guy like that? You can't. He has proven his worth at every level so I think one and two I just think the variety of plays he's calling. It is wide range of variety. Just keeping the defense on their toes, not knowing what it's going to be.

"Having a balanced offense is key to be successful on any level so I think just the balance, the variety and confidence is really what's making us work right now." Getting back to your leadership it appears that you are helping the talented younger guys. You have four talented freshman and plus the redshirt freshman, Raymond Carter. What do you think of those guys?

Bell: "They are as talented as they come. All of those guys have great athletic ability and it is my job, our job as a unit to help bring them along and help get them ready. As we found last year, you never know what is going to happen throughout a course of the a season so as many guys we can get ready to run the rock with consistency and with that tenacity that we try to preach around here, we will be fine.

"We just have to keep trying to bring them around. Keep patting them on the butt and keep bring them along and help them with their playbooks." Do you have any personal goals for this season?

Bell: "Praying for health, man. The lord has truly blessed me to be able to come back in such a short amount of time so right now my only goal is to try my best and to stay healthy and God willing, I'm going to run hard. I don't have any other goals.

"When you run hard, the rest takes care of itself."

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