August 17, 2008

Spievey grateful for second chance

After spending a year at Iowa Central Community College, cornerback Amari Spievey is grateful for a second chance at Iowa and glad to be back with the Hawkeyes. Following Saturday's scrimmage, where he spent most of the day working with the first team defense, Spievey talked about his return to Iowa City, the impact he hopes to make this year, and more.

Q: How does it feel getting back and practicing here for a couple weeks now?

SPIEVEY: It feels good, you know. I just want to help the team out and compete for a starting job.

Q: Were you here all summer for workouts?


Q: Leaving and coming back, what's it been like the second time around?

SPIEVEY: Well, being kicked out, you know, it was like a wake-up call. It's like my second chance, so I want to make the best out of it. It's my last chance.

Q: Can you talk about the competition at cornerback? It seems to be one of the positions with a lot of talent.

SPIEVEY: There's a lot of good corners and we're all just competing, trying to make the team better and the defense as a unit. We're just trying to compete.

Q: Talk about your experience at junior college. Some guys don't get to play while they go away to improve their grades, but you played in some pretty big situations. How did that help you coming back?

SPIEVEY: It's a little bit of experience for coming back since I never actually got in a game here, so it helped me out a lot with experience.

Q: What sort of impact are you hoping to have on special teams? That was something you did real well last year in junior college.

SPIEVEY: I love to play special teams. I'm trying to help anywhere that I can.

Q: Is that something they've been giving you a look at?

SPIEVEY: Yeah. Kickoff return, they've got me back there, and a gunner on punt, and field goal block.

Q: Did being in a different system and getting another set of coaches on you help you improve last year?

SPIEVEY: Yeah because Iowa Central didn't really know me, so I had to start over. Coming back here, I had to start over again too to earn my teammates' and coaches' respect again as a player and student.

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