August 21, 2008

Washington Waiting Patiently

Kennedy High School's Nolan Washington may be the most underrated prospect in the Evergreen State in terms of offers he's received. The 5-foot-11, 170-pound multi-purpose athlete holds offers from Minnesota and Idaho, but those came nearly three months ago. However, a trio of Pac-10 schools have been showing increased attention in the playmaker recently.

"Arizona State, Oregon and UCLA have been talking to me the most," explained Washington. "Arizona State and Oregon have been talking to me the whole summer. I get either an e-mail or letter through the mail everyday from Arizona State. With Oregon, it's the same thing, letters and e-mails - checking up on me. UCLA just started up a week ago. They're just trying to get me familiar with their program and their coaches. Basically just getting to know me more as a person. They've been sending me letters saying have a great season."

The Gophers haven't stopped pursuing Washington either since they offered him a few months ago.

"Coach [Mike] Dunbar e-mails me at least every two weeks about something," explained Washington. "We'll talk about life, and he'll ask me about about workouts and stuff - just keeping in touch."

Washington feels that the lack of recruiting attention can be attributed to his lack of attending camps this summer.

"Mainly because I didn't go to camps," replied Washington when asked why he hasn't received more attention. "Most of the schools are saying they want to see me in person. That's what I've been told from Oregon, UCLA and Arizona State. I can respect that though. If a team wants to see me play before offering, I don't mind that."

However, Washington has a hunch that an offer or two may be coming his way soon.

"Probably Arizona State and UCLA," responded Washington when asked what school he feels will offer next. "Actually all three of them - Arizona State, UCLA and Oregon. They just have to see me play. Whoever sees me play first, I feel will be the first to offer."

According to Washington, the University of Washington has not been actively pursuing him, but remain interested, according to fellow teammates and current Huskies Nate Williams and Everrette Thompson.

"The thing that's keeping me interested in U-Dub is Nate and Everrette," expressed Washington. "They tell me the coaches are talking about me. I haven't really heard from the coaches themselves, so I don't really know what their thoughts are."

Washington, who's favored Oregon for some time, would have committed almost on the spot if the Ducks offered in the past, but has sense changed his outlook.

"Before, I would have committed on the spot, but I'm anxious to see what's out there," explained Washington. "I probably wouldn't commit early, I'd wait to see what happens."

However, the Huskies have an ace up their sleeve is they decide to offer - Williams and Thompson. Would those two be enough to convince Washington to come to Montlake?

"Actually it might - I might do that. I haven't really thought about it, but if Washington does offer me, I think Nate and Everrette would be pushing me to commit," said Washington with a chuckle. "The Huskies have that pull because I love playing with both of those guys. That would be crazy if they offered me, because Nate and Everrette would be in my ear every day."

Washington is a jack of all trades for the Lancers, starting at quarterback and cornerback, while also posing a threat at wide receiver, punt returner and kick returner. It is cornerback and wide receiver though, where Washington is projected to play in college.

"Minnesota is recruiting me as a slot receiver, they made that known after they saw me practice. Arizona State said slot receiver, but they also know what I can do at defensive back, so it's kind of in the air," explained Washington. "UCLA is looking at me as a cornerback I think. Oregon - I don't really know, they're just saying athlete. Washington is also recruiting for me cornerback."

Washington doesn't have a preference with regards to playing wide receiver or defensive back, but he does want to factor into the return game in college.

"I like to have the ball in my hands, because I like to get in the endzone. But I also like playing cornerback, because if you shut down the best receiver, you take away half of the field," expressed Washington. "It's up for grabs, it doesn't really matter to me honestly, as long as I play kick returner and punt returner. Wherever they need me the most, that's where I'll play."

Washington doesn't have a concrete list of where he'll take his official visits, but he does have a idea of where he'll trip to.

"I'm trying to set one up with Minnesota - my dad and I are talking about it. That will be my first trip, but I don't know if it will be during the season or after," explained Washington. "I'm definitely going to take an official to Arizona State and Oregon. If U-Dub offers, I'll take an official there also."

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